Asian Real-Estate Market Trends in 2018

Top trends in Asian Real Estate in 2018

The trend for Real Estate this year will be more towards refinancing, recapitalization and multi-channel entity level deals instead of single-asset acquisitions. The experts forecast it to be 10%-15% lower in 2018. In Asia-pacific, the third-quarter transaction volume was 5% higher in 2016 and 12% higher for the first nine months this year.

Some of the oncoming trends   

  • A call for western financing

Asia is behind Europe in economic inclusiveness. It appears that most of the direct investment in the market is from other Asian nations. China and Japan invested $224 billion by Hong Kong at $394 billion, Singapore at $164 billion and Korea at $73 billion. An influx of western capital beckons this region.

  • Property investment is on a rise

The property investment in Asia-Pacific is overtaking investments in the US and Europe. By 2020, investments made in Asia-Pacific are forecasted to reach $4.5 billion annually. Roughly 41% of real estate investments occur in China.

  • Singapore market is becoming positive

For the first time in four years, the Singapore housing market prices are showing signs of improvement. During the third quarter, new home sales increased 29.1% and property value increased 0.7% and Singapore forecasts new home prices will jump 10% to 20% over the next 24 to 36 months.  Primary-market home sales will be $16 billion for the year.

  • India, the most promising market

The investment volume in India is forecasted to reach $611 billion, up from 4.8 billion last year. The investments in India’s six largest property markets have increased by 100%. Mumbai seems to be a favourite, attracting $1.75 billion, ranking 81st the world over.

  • Political interest

The US has professed their interest in Philippines as a geopolitically strategic location. Its real estate value from a military stand-point is utterly indispensable and is likely to attract western funding.

Adhum Carter or Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule, is a British business-magnate, investor, strategist and financial guru. He’s dabbled with mixed asset classes professionally and his personal investments vary from the food industry to car trading companies. He’s an Asian real-estate expert and enthusiast.

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